Navigating Nanny Resume Gaps: Mastering The Conversation In Interviews

As you embark on your job search journey, you might find yourself faced with the task of addressing gaps in your resume. This can often feel daunting, but rest assured, it's not an uncommon situation and it can be navigated with grace and professionalism. Here we offer a guide on how to discuss these career gaps during interviews, providing you with strategies to turn potential stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We delve into four frequently encountered reasons for resume gaps, expanding on how to frame them positively and relate them back to the job at hand.

Caring for Family

Many nannies and domestic workers often have periods of absence from the professional sphere to fulfill family responsibilities. This may involve raising your own children or caring for a loved one. During this time, you inevitably acquired a set of valuable skills such as multi-tasking, time management, patience, and empathy. Frame this experience in a way that highlights these transferrable skills and how they make you a stronger candidate for the role. If the position you're applying for is in childcare, caring for your own children could be particularly relevant and advantageous.


The decision to take a hiatus for travel is not unusual and can be a rich source of growth. Traveling exposes you to diverse cultures, practices, and perspectives, shaping you as a global citizen. By focusing on this personal and cultural growth, you can make it clear to employers how these experiences have enhanced your adaptability, problem-solving skills, and worldview, making you an even more well-rounded candidate.

Going Back to School

Pursuing further education or certification is a worthwhile investment, though it may lead to gaps in your employment history. The skills and knowledge gained during this time are often directly applicable to the positions you're interested in. Discuss the relevant projects or courses you've worked on, highlighting how they, along with your previous work experiences, make you the ideal candidate. If you’ve undergone training specifically related to domestic work, for example, a course in early childhood education for a nanny role, this can substantially bolster your standing.

Layoffs or Job Termination

In an ever-evolving job market, layoffs are not uncommon and are usually due to strategic changes within the company, not personal performance. If this was the case, clearly articulate this to the interviewer, emphasizing that it was a business decision beyond your control. If you were terminated, adopt a forward-looking perspective. Talk about the lessons you learned from the experience, and how it has shaped your present career aspirations. Showing resilience and a commitment to personal growth can help to offset any potential negatives associated with job termination.

Remember, honesty and a positive outlook are key when addressing gaps in your resume. Weaving a compelling narrative that connects your past experiences, skills, and aspirations can effectively show prospective employers that you are more than capable of meeting the demands of the job. So, when preparing for interviews, consider how these gaps have shaped you and can be turned into assets. No matter what led to these hiatuses, your career journey is uniquely yours, and every chapter contributes to the professional you are today.