Resume Screen

If you're a nanny or a newborn care specialist and you're having trouble figuring out how to create the perfect resume, we've got just the thing for you! Our Resume Screen Service is an amazing tool that will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current resume.

With this service, you'll receive a 5-minute video from an expert who will give you feedback on the structure, wording, and layout of your resume. It's super helpful if you're not sure how to showcase your skills and experience in the best way possible.

One thing to note is that we won't be making any changes to your resume for you. Instead, we'll identify any typos, errors, spacing issues, or other technical problems that may hurt your chances of getting the job. We'll also provide feedback on the content of your resume, including how you phrase and organize your experience and skills. This way, you can make the necessary changes yourself.

If you do need more help, don't worry! We offer additional services at a discounted price for those who have already used our Resume Screen Service.

It's also important to know that we'll be checking your resume for any potentially sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) of previous employers. This is crucial for your privacy and the privacy of your previous employers.

Overall, the Resume Screen Service is an amazing investment in your career as a nanny or newborn care specialist. With a quick turnaround time and expert feedback, you'll be able to create a resume that will catch the eye of potential employers.