Please take a moment to review some of our frequently asked questions. If there’s something we haven’t answered for you, please email and ask!

Who owns my resume?

The resume we create for you would be totally owned by you, and we will always be there to help you out, when you need us!

Can I use logos of organizations I am a member of and certifications I have completed?

They would help your resume stand out, but get permission from the organization to make sure you have they’re ok with you doing that.

What are clickable links and dynamic resumes?

Clickable links are words or images the reader can click to open a web page with more information. Dynamic resumes offer an extra dimension to resume viewing. They not only allow you to to make your email clickable, they will also create links to things such as:

LinkedIn Profiles

Phone numbers

Email addresses

College Courses / Degree Links

Health and Safety Card

Certifications / Childcare Classes

Links to your Website

Clickable links allow you to offer much more information than exists in your resume, and allows the reader to learn more about you, and your qualifications.

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What is the resume review?

The resume review is a 5 minute video, explaining our opinions on changes we suggest you make. Will highlight typos, spacing and formatting errors, along with point out sensitive information such as reference details.

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Can you help fill in some job responsibilities?

Absolutely! If you’re unsure of what you put in your resume, we can help you write it out, present it beautifully – and help list responsibilities!

Can you help with cover letters?

Yes, please email us here to discuss your expectations! We can help to write out a short, relevant, powerful cover letter!

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I’m not a nanny, can you help me?

Yes! NCS, Doulas, House Managers, Family Assistants – many household positions we can help with.

Can I edit my PDF with new qualifications and job?

Yes absolutely! We will email you a link so you can easily change things around, you will need a canva account. If you need any support, reach out!

If I pay for a cheaper option, can I upgrade and save?

Absolutely! Money spent on a cheaper plan can be used towards an upgraded plan.

Do I receive the resume as a PDF?

Yes! The resume we create for you will be emailed as a PDF. We will also provide a link where you can easily edit with new jobs / certifications etc.

An agency has a specific format, can you help?

Yes we have many agency specific formats saved and can tailor your resume to match their requirements. We will also check for typos and formatting errors. This resume will be delivered as a word doc and not a PDF.